Top 100 Australian Scientists!

Named by the Science Show on ABC Radio National as one the the Top 100 Australian Scientists (of all time!). I am blushingly proud to be included in this list of Nobel Laureates, household names, and science superstars! The dude who eradicated smallpox, the dude who discovered penicillin, the first female Nobel Prize winner in Australia, and so many more of my heroes and yours! Wow! You can check it out at this link -- Top 100 Australian Scientists -- scroll down to Tasmania to find me! And listen to the Science Show, it's good for the brain!

And Check Out my Glow Show and Glow Tour

A celebration of things that glow in nature: the Aurora, Bioluminescence, Glowworms, Ghost Mushrooms, and even Fluorescent Marsupials! Bookings on Air BnB Experiences.

In case you haven't yet heard, I have gone back to school for another PhD! Because too much of a good thing can be wonderful! After 30 years of studying science, I am now studying scientists! And I couldn't possibly be happier! 

PhD Student... again! 

Who Is Lisa Gershwin?

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